Open-source software from Varnish Software

This is source distribution for free software from Varnish Software.

Some vmods has subdirectories for older versions of Varnish. This is because
there were no established norms for versioning, packaging or distribution in the
early days. We do not maintain backports of vmods, the older versions are here for
archival reasons only.

opensource at varnish-software com can be contacted regarding these files.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]libvmod-curl/2018-03-23 13:04 -  
[DIR]libvmod-digest/2018-03-20 15:56 -  
[DIR]libvmod-geoip/2018-03-20 15:58 -  
[DIR]libvmod-header/2016-04-29 07:32 -  
[DIR]libvmod-ipcast/2016-04-29 06:51 -  
[DIR]libvmod-memcached/2018-03-20 15:57 -  
[DIR]libvmod-rtstatus/2016-10-21 13:26 -  
[DIR]varnish-extra-modules/2018-04-26 12:05 -  
[DIR]varnish-modules/2018-05-15 09:46 -